A dazzling cabaret show combining theatre and music genres and stories, designed to entertain the audience by swift exchanges of humour with passion, music with dance, history with the present day. Cosmopolitan spirit of old Bratislava is back!

Dress code: dress to impress / smart / no! jeans

Written by: Lucia Siposová | Directed by: Václav Púčik | Choreography: Karol Brüll, Michaela Majerníková a Vašo Púčik | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Adam Kerďo, Henrich Offermann, Andrej Glézl, Michaela Majerníková, Danica Jurčová, Karol Brüll, Veronika Macková, Michal Noga and guests.


A wicked boogie woogie party show inspired by the greatest 70´s hits and the famous Studio 54 in New York. A live jukebox with a playlist of 34 songs.  Funny choreos, bizzare outfits. A deadly entertaining interactive night! Your Choice – Your Show!

Dress code: dress to impress / 70’s / provocative / funky

Concept and directed by: Vašo Púčik | Choreography: Vašo Púčik, Zuzana Krausová | Cast: Lucia Siposová/Michaela Mäsiarová, Zuzana Krausová, Helga Kovalovská, Jan Olexa, Vašo Púčík

Winning drinks for the show Studio 34 by Finlandia and Jack Daniel ´ s



Anča Pagáčová and other dirty stories


The Big Apple packed into a small red cabaret – a finger-licking experience. Amazing music and dance numbers, staged erotic short stories with unexpected points, love, glam, humour, the crazy big world! You better get ready baby, it´s a hot stuff!

Dress code: stylish/sexy

Written by: Lucia Siposová | Directed by: Vašo Púčik | Choreography: Vašo Púčik, Zuzana Krausová | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Helga Kovalovská, Veronika Macková, Adam Kerďo, Zuzana Krausová, Lenka Svozilová/Zuzana Nosálová, Vašo Púčik



Highly entertaining, slightly perverse, seductive revue experience! Pure Decadence! Humorous and glamorous modern circus acts, singing and dancing, burlesque… And YOU – guests without prejudices! Bizzare night that you’ll never forget! What happens in Cabaret, stays in Cabaret…

Dress code: crazy/sexy/provocative

Created by: Lucia Siposová and Vašo Púčik | Directed by: Vašo Púčik | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Zuzana Krausová, Heidi Šinková, Michaela Patáková, Martin Herian, Magie Noire, Michal Biganič, Michal Varga, Vašo Púčik



We are going to entertain you, squeeze out all your emotions in this multicolor show. We are going to walk on the edge and provoke. And this saucy cabaret show with international cast will take you for a walk through the fucking wonderful world.

Dress code: international follore/smart casual

Written by: Lucia Siposová| Directed by: Vašo Púčik | Choreography: Silvia Beláková, Vašo Púčik, Tanečná škola DanceArt | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Adam Kerďo, Romana Dang Van, Jakub Lorencovič, Karol Brüll, Viktória Bolender, Sylvia Okyne/Marilisa Lagová/Mara Lukama, Danica Jurčová/Heidi Šinková, Michal Noga

Supported by using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


Simply divine NeferNefer presents her Burlesque show!
Delightful Ladies and their seductive and splendid perfomances are famed for their elegance, humour, quality music selection and attractive choreographies with a little touch of spice. And of course, with a very special touch of our diva NeferNefer…

Dress code: stylish / 30’s-50’s

Written and directed by: Lucia Siposová | Concept by: Lucia Siposová and Lotta Love | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Lotta Love, Lady Vivian, Magie Noire, Lena del Vanilla, Miss TiQ, Dame Veniss and D. Shy



A night full of love poetry and sweet erotica, combined with a professional introduction to Kámasútra, all the way through dance and songs and burlesque numbers. To have a loving heart is our only condition… But be careful, we will check!

Dress code: stylish / elegant

Created and directed by: Vašo Púčik | Cast: Lucia Siposová, Danica Jurčová, Karol Büll, Veronika Macková, Viktória Bolender, Dušan Šujan



Two famous slovak cartoon’s  characters Danka & Janka are back! With their crazy talkshow! Let’s grill Celebrities!!!

Dress code: smart casual

Created by: Danica Jurčová, Jana Kolesárová | Directed by: Vašo Púčik | Cast: Danica Jurčová, Jana Kolesárová/Michaela Majerníková, Karol Büll, Stanislav Marosz


The only show about Slovakia in English!

Fresh and funny cabaret roadtrip through our country. Highly recommended for foreign visitors. English girl Alice sets off on a trip by train. IC-train. From Bratislava to Košice. She meets an old fashioned Pressburger, a priest with a nun, a group of folklore musicians, the typical „kind“ waiter, and an untamed Gypsy on her journey… This fast flowing and witty show is an entertaining piece full of live folklore music, dance and a tiny bit of English humour. Alice in Wonderland?… Perhaps…

Dress code: international foklore / smart casual

Written by: Lucia Siposová, Vašo Púčik | Directed by: Václav Púčik |Choreography: Silvia Beláková | Cast: Abbie Puskailer/Lucia Siposová, Štefan Martinovič, Lukáš Vargic, Terézia Rekšáková, Folklore trio Andrej Záhorec, Lukáš Baran, Juraj Kysel

Supported by using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


An authentic transsexual story

A unique cabaret performance inspired by an authentic life story of a Czech actress and singer is breaking the social tabu. It brings on stage an original piece of personal drama served with humour, irony and sincerity by the main protagonist and author of the play herself – Lucie Brychtova, a graduate from Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. This mosaic of intimate, ironic, funny and touching episodes is an extraordinary experience of a person who was born in a wrong body but was courageous enough to fight for her identity.

Dress code: smart casual

Written by: Vašo Púčik, Lucie Brychtová | Directed by: Vašo Púčik | Cast: Lucie Brychtová, Heidi Šinková, Miroslav Málek, Adam Kerďo